Just like porridge & baby food! JJANGJUK: Principles
Every mother in the world has the same,
caring mind for their child.
That's what JJANGJUK seeks to achieve – baby food exuding the
same sincere care and love of a mother making for her child at home!
JJANGJUK selects only the very best ingredients, cleans them once more and
checks their condition twice more.
We do this because we deeply understand a mother’s need to take proper
care of their child. They want to make clean and delicious baby food.
JJANGJUK will dedicate itself to being a relentless researcher of baby foods for
every mother. We hope that your baby can grow into a bright and strong person
This is the proud path JJANGJUK has walked so far. History
Selected as a learning organization-designated
Certified as a handler of wild vegetables
(Organic agricultural products,
organic-farming products)
Awarded by Minister of Employment and Labor
(Excellent Corporate Employer)
Selected as participant of the labor-management
council in the city of Naju
Obtained ISO22000 certification for food
safety management system
Certified as handler of wild vegetables
(Organic-farming products)
Completed construction of JJANGJUK Naju Plant Acquired organic processed food
(confectionery) certification
Acquired HACCP certification (Other infant formula,
other processed food, instant pot food, confectionery)
Acquired INNO-BIZ certification Certified as a company-affiliated research institute
(No. 2015112720)
Acquired ISO 14001/9001 certification Work-Study Program, Designated as enterprise for
alternative military service
Acquired organic processed food
(confectionery) certification
Obtained a patent on high calcium confectionery
and its manufacturing method
Acquired MAIN-BIZ certification
Acquired 2 patents on rice
gruel, calcium porridge and
its manufacturing method
Signed an MOU with Nonsan-si, Gyeonggi-do,
and Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research &
Extension Services
Founded JJANGJUK Co., Ltd.
(corporation company)
Founded MAJJANG Food
(private business operator)
Thorough quality & safety management ensures reliability Food Safety Management System
JJANGJUK is in full compliance with the Food Sanitation Act. JJANGJUK operates its internal microbiological chamber and analytical laboratory, and conducts daily microbiological and
physicochemical analysis of raw ingredients, sub-ingredients and finished products. In addition, we entrust inspections to
an authorized institution once a month according to food type to thoroughly comply with the Food Sanitation Act.
Basic rule for clean food production Hygienic Production Facility
In the hygiene control chamber before initiating any process, hygiene control procedures are carried out in the order of IThe gate to the production facility will not be opened until the aforementioned procedure is fully completed.
facilities and
IProduction facilities and equipment of JJANGJUK are designed and managed according to HACCP standards.
Production facilities and eqipment Production facilities and equipment of JJANGJUK are designed and managed according to HACCP standards.
Perfectly hygienic and clean! Product packaging room Designed to remove dust or other foreign objects via vacuum suction so that debris can be minimized until the lid is
Product inspection to ensure the best quality In order to ensure product stability, it is sterilized in the final stage, sent to the cooling chamber after sterilization, and
temperature control is performed more than twice a day.
Directions to JJANGJUK Contact US
JJANGJUK Branch Office 118-19, Sangbong-dong, Jungnang-gu, Seoul
(252, Mangu-ro, Jungnang-gu,Seoul)
Naju Plant 238-2, Ungok-dong, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do
(62-215, Dongsunonggongdanji-gil, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do)