Eco-friendly baby foods Product 01
  • Step 1Thin rice gruel
    4~6 months old
  • Step 1.5Water gruel
    6~7 months old
  • Step 2Porridge
    from 7 months old
  • Step 3Soft-boiled rice
    from 11 months old
  • Step 4Cooked baby rice
    from 14 months old
HIGH CLASS NATURAL BABY FOOD It is a baby food meticulously made with fresh ingredients from the caring
perspective of a mother who thinks her child's wellbeing first.
Refrigerated baby food / Standard baby food JJANGJUK offers Refrigerated baby food and Standard baby food made with
eco-friendly ingredients.
Refrigerated baby food is available in 5 stages to choose from for 4 months-old
Standard baby food is convenient to use even for overly-long outings because
the high-temperature sterilization treatment period was extended to minimize
harmful bacteria and block outside air so that it can be stored at room
temperature for a long time.
Side dishes and Simple cup-bap Product 02
diet important
for growth!
From the selection of the ingredients to the process of making it, we pour only the caring mind toward our customers.
Side Dishes This is when babies gradually start practicing eating cooked rice
and side dishes together, which requires particularly soft foods
of small particles. The side dishes are made in a tender form so
that they are easy to ingest. Most products are mildly seasoned
and are not overly salty.
Simple Cup-bap Made by a vacuum-dry method that removes water from
cryogenic temperature without applying heat, to ensure the least
amount of nutrients are destroyed compared to any other
methods. It is completed in 5 minutes by pouring hot water as
you would with a cup of noodles and it is light in weight of about
22g for a single pack, so you can carry it easily when you go out
or travel.
Health snacks for family Product 03
From organic rice sweets to fruit chips! We pursue healthy foods with quality ingredients for everyone to enjoy. Organic snack: "Hello KKAKKA JJANG“ Confectionery made of organic rice, "Hello KKAKKA JJANG", is free from any
artificial coloring, additives or preservatives. For babies who are not used to solid
foods even after their weaning period is over, Hello KKAKKA JJANG can be a good
way to practice eating by themselves by using hands, which can stimulate the
formation of fine muscles through hand movements. Organic cereals, rice crackers,
and fruit chips are healthy snacks for the whole family to enjoy.
Handmade well-being porridge Product 04
Delicious rice
bran porridge
Healthy porridge comes from uniquely different ingredients!Organic rice, Rice bran, Non-antibiotic meat, Environment-friendly vegetables, HACCP
Wellbeing Porridge Rice bran porridge made of organic rice, non-antibiotic meat,
eco-friendly vegetables added with rice bran, but no pigments or
preservatives, is a homemade well-being porridge for adults.
Simple Rice bran Porridge Rice bran Porridge is made by quick-freezing porridge added
with rice bran and freeze-drying as is to dewater in the
vacuumed state, thereby reducing the destruction of heat-
sensitive nutrients and maintaining original taste, nutrition,color
and flavor. In particular, it is lightweight, which makes it
recommended as a meal for outdoor activities such as mountain
Rice bran   Well-being foods Product 05
It is a high-quality product that the whole family can enjoy together.
Pure Rice Bran Rice bran added with GABA, known to an active ingredient,
octacosanol, vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. It is
a natural nutritional food source for the entire family, from
milk-fed babies to growing adolescents and both young and old
adults who need a lot of energy.
Korean Beef Bone Soup Bones of Korean beef, possessing a proven history of having a
strict track record, and assorted bones are richly concentrated
(55 brix), so that it savors the taste of beef bone soup. They
come as a single pack for optimum portability and storage.
Thistle Herb Rice Thistle, which is known as 'gondre' in Korean, grows in pristine
alpine regions. Its burgeoning leaves and stems are blanched to
be used conveniently for soups, broths and stir-fried foods.
Korean thistles are cooked with soy sauce and perilla oil without
any additives to maintain the herb's inherent taste and flavor.
Korean Beef Ox Knee Soup   Beef Slices Korean Ox Knee Soup & Beef Slices presented by JJANGJUK is
made of Korean ox knee bones and slices put in the rich Korean
beef bone broth to ensure richness and texture. They can be
stored t room temperature as they are sterilized products that
do not contain additives such as synthetic preservatives or
artificial softener.